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About Stan King


I started my aviation career when I was very young because I didn't know what else to do at the time. A friend of mine told me about a job opening in an aircraft maintenance facility, and the rest is history.

I know what it's like trying to find the right career. I can imagine you have spent hours reading and searching for answers while you try to decide if you should go to college for an aviation degree.

I want to help you make the right decision about your future. Choosing a career is never an easy task, and I don't want you to spend thousands of dollars and years of your life if you don't even know the truth about this career.

That's why I decided to share all of my in-depth knowledge about this career. I was tired of seeing the colleges and airlines lie to people about working as an aircraft mechanic.

My books have been featured in numerous magazine articles and television shows because I tell the truth about the aviation career field. I have received a lot of nasty emails from A&P prep schools and colleges, as well as maintenance companies and high-ranking FAA officials.

These people are upset because they know that everyone who reads my book will not be a blind sheep. And trust me, these companies love blind sheep!

After you read The Aircraft Mechanic you will be ready to pursue a career in aviation. If you blindly jump into this career without know all the facts, you are only setting yourself up for failure. Don't let greedy corporations decide your future!

You can make huge amounts of money as an aircraft mechanic, but only after you know all of the facts. Don;t be mislead by the colleges...

Over 200,000 people just like you have learned the truth BEFORE they spent thousands of dollars and years of their lives in college. I receive hundreds of emails every day from people telling me how much my books have helped them.

Nothing makes me happier than when I receive an email or a phone call from someone I've helped. That is the ultimate reason I wrote these books. If you want to send me a message just use the contact form on the right.

To your success,

Stan King











































Review by: Aircraft Mechanic Shawn
“I was going into aviation for the money, but I didn’t know much about the details. You laid everything out in the open.”

-Sam D.

“I was trying to decide if I wanted to go to school for an aviation degree, and I couldn’t have done it without this info.”

-Christy W.

“I’ve done a lot of research on working in aviation, and I’ve never seen anything as informative as The Aircraft Mechanic.”

-Bryant T.

“You really really helped me! I have always wanted to work on airplanes!”

-Charles A.

“Thanks for sharing the truth about working in aviation.”

-Pat O.

“Thanks for helping my son decide on his choice of aviation as a career.”

-Kurt K.

“I was interested in getting my A&P License. Thanks for the priceless info!”

-Julio N.

“Anyone interested in working on airplanes or going to school for it has to read your book.”

-Craig L.

“As an aviation professional, I found your book overwhelming. You captured the field of aircraft maintenance perfectly.”

-David K.

“I didn’t know if I should choose an FCC license or A&P license. Now I know the truth!”

-Manny L.

“Your work is not for the faint of heart! Your experiences are crazy. Thanks for sharing!!”

-Jonathon P.

“I just wanted to say thank you for saving me tons of money on my degree of choice. Your book made everything perfectly clear.”

-Dan O.

“Every aircraft technician should read your book.”

-Iqbal W.

“Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. Now I’m afraid to fly!”

-Frank J.

“I’m trying to have The Aircraft Mechanic approved for my A&P general course. I want all my students to read it. I might even pass copies out for free.”

-Kenneth B.

“I’m glad I found your book before I went to A&P school.”

-Omar K.

“I am an avionics technician. Your book is very disturbing. What are we going to do when everyone knows? Thanks for the good work.”

-Cedric L.

“Thanks for telling your story. I don’t have any more questions if I should get my A&P or not.”

-Mike M.

“When the airlines find out about this, they’re going to have a fit!”

-Chuck M.

“Your book is better than all of the combined aviation career info available online. Man, I’m glad I found your website.”

-Stephen M.

“I was thinking about going to an A&P prep school, but now I’ve changed my mind.”

-Ron B.

"I just downloaded my copy today and I've already learned more than when I was searching online. This is exactly what I was looking for."

-Tony G.

"Your book is really awesome, man. I wish there were more people like you in the world, not afraid to tell the truth and not just out to make a buck."

-Leon G.

"I think anyone that wants to find out about this career will be in for a big surprise, I know I was."

-Troy P.

"Whenever my A&P Instructor made our class read the chapter about dangers in The Aircraft Mechanic everyone in the class became silent."

-Danivak W.

"Mr. King I saw your interview in Aviation Week and decided to order your book. I didn't know that this career was the way it is. I still think I'm going to attend college for an aviation degree, I just have to decide on another choice."

-Michelle D.

"Stan King has opened the gates of truth on the aircraft mechanic career field. The Aircraft Mechanic has already sold nearly 30,000 copies and it is only going to continue as more and more aviation students and professionals hear the title being discussed in classrooms and on hangar floors."

-Aircraft Weekly

"My A&P instructor told me to get your course. He showed us the video in class and we all just looked at each other."

-Ufar H.

"Most of the stuff I've read online is just crap but you definitely know your stuff."

-Daniel O.

"Mr. King is causing quite a stir with his new book, The Aircraft Mechanic. Having sold nearly 37,000 copies world-wide, it is evident that this information is sorely needed. More than two dozen A&P Instructors say they now use The Aircraft Mechanic as a teaching tool."

-USA Today